The A House strives to ensure that each individual receives a high standard of care and provides them with many exciting and interesting opportunities to learn, practice and rehearse a collection of skills which will be the foundation of their future learning.

The Pre School is committed to ensuring that each child in attendance is given the best opportunities to fulfil their learning potential in all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Children learn best in environments 
where adults provide experiences based upon children's individual needs. The A House values everyones learning and offers a wide range of stimulating resources and activities relevant to all the children's cultures and communities.

The A House offers rich learning opportunities through play, playful teaching and supports children in taking risks and exploring.


The care and safety of children in our care is paramount at all times. Highly qualified, experienced and caring staff carefully observe track and plan for each individual child's interests and learning both inside and out.

The staff at The A House observe each child's learning and development and through this practice assess their progress, plan next steps to support further learning and development. Staff also use observation to help identify any learning areas that may need extra support and arrange this if neccessary.


Settling arrangements for children are planned and facilitated by staff around each individual child's and families need. Settling visits and play hours are available prior to starting and staff actively encourage parents and carers to be involved in this handover process.


The Pre School operates a 'Key Person' system and employs a Special Educational Needs Coordinator. (Senco)