The A House Pre School follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and provides a variety of workshop areas that are designed and managed to support a variety of children's interests and learning. 


Our daily routine provides children with ample opportunity to initiate and pursue their own ideas and play.

"The highly effective deployment of the very knowledgeable staff supports children's learning as they play. The staff promote children's independence extremely well, balanced with appropriate support if the children need them." Ofsted


"By allowing the children to take the lead in most activities, the staff enable the children to play a dynamic role in their own learning. This helps provide continual challenges for children in an achievable and enjoyable way". Ofsted

Maths problem solving, letters and sounds are incorporated in all learning opportunities and daily routines.


Examples of workshop areas include:


• Games and puzzles


• Role play

• Graphics/mark making

• Messy/malleable play

• Construction

• Small world play